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Don and Susie Newby: Back to the roots. “New Country” is the word. Although their music could probably be better described as “Pop/Rock/Folk” with Country elements… a sort of James Taylor style. But without the lyrics that Don writes, the music wouldn’t be half as impressive. Whether self-reflective texts about being a world missionary, a true worship lyric, or the life of a fighter, the lyrics convey a deep desire: to give their listeners more than just first-class  music. More… about their personal lives… their experience as followers of Christ in a world that only knows traditional religion and no longer understands what Jesus actually did in real history and what that means today. Their presentation is honest, authentic and believable. With the double-edged sword of the Bible they cut through the barriers of christian tradition and to the quick of a personal relationship to God in the 21st century. And all of this wrapped in quality music that is a pleasure and a delight to listen to.



Don has developed various practical, music-related workshops that he can offer in various configurations including weekends, one-day, week-long. Topics include Vocal Coaching, Choir, Choral Conducting, Music in Worship, Pop-Rhythm, Band Arrangement, Acoustic Guitar. He is limited to one topic per visit (weekend, day). Each topic requires a minimum of 6 hours.


Acoustic Guitar: 



James Taylor style, 



Instrumental Arrangement, etc.


Music in Worship: 

Music: Artform or Communication? 

A Biblical/Historical Perspective of the Use of Music. 

Worship Leading or Emotional Manipulation? the Criteria.

This is a hands-on workshop with lots of practical application.

You don’t need to be musical to participate.


Vocal Coaching: 

Vocal Production basics

Breath technique and control

Vowels and Consonants

Warm-Up excercizes

Principles of Pop as well as Classical singing



A workshop for the entire choir.

Choral vocal production


Pop Repertoire


What makes it pop? 



Straight Eighths, 

Sixteenth note grooves. 

Drum principles

Lots of listening and analysis


Band Arrangement:

A practical workshop for Christian Pop/Rock Bands

Worship Bands in church context

Emphasis: How to build a good Arrangement


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PR text "Diamond"

Don and Susie Newby present the very first Country-Rock-Album in the Christian music community in Germany! Diamond was recorded in Nashville with the help of the best musicians that Nashville has to offer. Only they can recreate the typical Nashville-Sound, that makes this production a treat for the ears. On electric Guitar, Brent Rowan (Shania Twain), Doug Grieves (Prince of Egypt), on Bass David Hungate (Toto), Gary Lunn (Celine Dion), Keys Buddy Hyatt (Toto, Lee Greenwood), Pedal Steel Sonny Garrish, Drums Raymond Boyd (Michael W. Smith). Country Rock in the US, known as »New Country« or »Modern Country« has very little to do with »Truckstop« or the standard western cliche. With »Diamond« Don and Susie have succeeded in creating a new genre in Germany. »Diamond« is a synthesis of rock, pop, folk music with country elements. Don and Susie are excited to have one of the world's top pedal steel players on this album (Sonny Garrish). But none of this would be worth much without the song lyrics. Whether a tongue-in-cheek presentation of a modern-day missionary, a true worship song or metaphor of »The Fighter«, the lyrics are deep, passionate and, along with first-class music, require you to think. Diamond promises to be a real cooker, setting a new standard in the Christian music scene... a standard that can be dangerous: you might not want to listen to anything else... A Producer and Moderator for NDR, a large German radio and television network.